American Childrens Theatre
Dear Parent or Guardian,
Welcome to the IGNITION Program! This is an exciting NEW venture, teaming up American Childrens Theatre and RockU to create something really inter-disciplinary and AMAZING! We are so excited to see what we can create together! 
Students in this program must be aged 13 years or older, responsible, creative, and committed to the TEAM effort of creating a show! The schedule will involve Skills Workshops to build the skills needed for this innovative project, with regular meetings at the beginning to create and finalize the show and then regular rehearsals once the show is set to get it "performance-ready"! Meetings will move between 3 locations: The 2 ACT addresses at Comedie de Champs Elyssees in the 8th and Maison St. Agnes in the 7th, as well as at the RockU Studios in the 15th. 
The program is 500 euros for the year, which covers all workshops, rehearsals, classes and materials. (If the show does well, we may be submitting to other theater festivals in the future and their could be travel costs associated, but we will discuss these when the time comes). 
Thank you for your interest in our program! We look forward to having your teen join us. If you have questions, you may email Erin Colston-Ghorbal, Founder and Director of ACT, at

Please make checks out to American Childrens Theater and send them to:
Rhian O'Sullivan, Assistant Director - ACT
1 rue des Jardins, Block M, Asnieres-sur-Seine, France 92600

We look forward to a great year!

Erin Colston-Ghorbal, Matt Black, and the ACT and RockU teams!