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The Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas (EFCST) depends on the generosity of volunteers! Through their charitable gifts of heart and time, volunteers of many ages, talents and abilities assist our staff in providing the vital programs and services fulfilling our mission of serving the needs of those affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders. 

Volunteers must complete the application.  Volunteers working with children must agree to submit to a background check.  Volunteers of all ages are welcome, however some of the activities may be age specific.  Community Service hours are available, and verification letters are available. 

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By submitting a completed Volunteer Application to EFCST, Volunteer represents that all information provided therein is complete, true and accurate.  Volunteer acknowledges that EFCST reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the information contained in Volunteer’s completed Volunteer Application, and consents to EFCST and/or its agents conducting any and all reasonable investigation of the accuracy of such information. In some instances, the references listed may be contacted by telephone or e-mail.  Completion and/or submission of the Volunteer Application do not obligate the Volunteer to perform any services, nor does it obligate EFCST to utilize Volunteer’s services. 

The information submitted in the completed Volunteer Application and all associated verification documents shall be and is the property of EFCST, and will be handled in accordance with EFCST’s Privacy Policy. No such information will be transferred or sold to any third party, but may be utilized by EFCST in all lawful manners, including in the investigation of the accuracy of such information.