Returning Student Form

This form is for Dickinson State University students who have previously attended DSU, but have not been enrolled in one or more semesters. 

As a returning student, you ARE NOT required to submit a new application fee, as it is a one-time fee.

If you would prefer, you can complete a printed form and mail it directly to: Academic Records, 291 Campus Drive, Dickinson ND, 58601 or by fax to: 701-483-2409. Click here for the printable form.

List all colleges and/or universities attended since last enrolled at DSU, whether or not credit was received.

All students making application must answer the following questions. An affirmative response to any of these questions will not automatically prevent admission, but you will be asked to provide additional information. The information will be reviewed by a campus officer or committee charged with that responsibility. Falsification or omission of information may result in a denial of admission, rescission of admission, dismissal, or other appropriate sanction.
"Crime of violence" means an offense that involves substantial risk that physical force may be used against a person or property of another. Examples of crimes of violence include, but are not limited to, abuse, arson, assault (including sexual assault or domestic violence) battery, breaking and entering, burglary, criminal mischief or vandalism, harassment, homicide, menacing, reckless endangerment, stalking, terrorizing and unlawful restraint or imprisonment.
"Dismissed for disciplinary reasons" means a permanent separation from an institution due to conduct or behavior. "Suspended for disciplinary reasons" means a sanction imposed for disciplinary reasons that results in a student leaving school for a fixed period but not permanently.