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DAN-SA Travel Notification
The travel notification is for DANSA to know when our members travel abroad and to note this on our system. With the information provided by you, the DAN-SA Member, we would be able to plan potential evacuation procedures and advise you on the availability of appropriate facilities where you will be diving. Please note that DAN-SA membership is not insurance and is secondary to any other Insurance or Medical Aid you might have. The travel notification only applies to active DAN-SA members. Safe diving! 

Please be advised that we aim to process your notification as soon as possible; however please allow 48 hours for processing. If you have not heard from us, please contact the DAN-SA office during office hours directly on +27 11 266 4900 or send an e-mail to

Please do not e-mail in the event of an emergency, kindly phone the 24 hour DAN-SA Hotline on +27 828 10 60 10.

In an effort to promote dive safety, you are welcome to download the DAN Travel Guide to ensure you are ready for your trip. 

Kindly note the benefits of the annual membership is mainly for diving related incidents, please refer to the annual membership guide by following this link to familirise yourself with the benefits of your membership option.
You are welcome to follow the link to the DAN-SA medicine page for information on Dive Medical Doctor close to you.