IAF Membership Application for Clubs and Organisations

Application process

Completing this form begins the process of your organisation becoming a Member of the IAF. Your submitted form will be sent to the Secretary, who may contact you for further details about your organisation. However, before you complete this application form, please read the IAF Constitution to ensure that your organisation is eligible for membership, and that its activities are compatible with the aims of the IAF.

Completed applications will be presented at the next Council of Delegates Meeting; approval is subject to a vote. If your application is approved, you will be notified. At that point fees for your membership will be calculated (if applicable), and will be payable from the next January 1st.

Voting rights

Member organisations have different voting rights depending on their IAF membership status and the number of individual members they have.
For full details on voting rights, please see the Constitution, or contact us.
Please note that this is an application for Membership of the IAF by an organisation or club only. If you are an individual person or corporate body interested in supporting the IAF, please complete our Individual Subscriber form instead.

Please note that, according to the IAF Constitution, clubs applying for Membership or Associate Membership should have "legal personality, such as a formal constitution and membership structure". If your club would like to write or amend its constitution, you can use this example - which complies with all IAF requirements - as a template.
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If your application is successful, your organisation will be entitled to receive three copies of the annual IAF International Journal of Falconry. Please provide a recipient and postal address for this.