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If you have already submitted a form please DO NOT submit another Application for Graduation form. 

If you need to update and/or change any data that you have previously provided on an Application for Graduation (for example: the catalog you are following, degree, major or minor you are seeking, the semester you will graduate, addresses, phone numbers, etc.), please contact the Office of Academic Records at (701) 483-2536 and let us know of your graduation data changes.        

EXCEPTION: If your initial application was rejected because you failed to meet the minimum credit requirements indicated on the next page, you must submit another Application for Graduation    


Dear Graduation Applicant: 

Thank you for submitting your application for graduation.  As an applicant for graduation, it is your responsibility to review your academic transcript and Academic Advisement Report to monitor program and degree requirements.  After reviewing your Academic Advisement Report, if you are uncertain of your degree and program requirements, please contact the Office of Academic Records for clarification.

Thank you.     

Kathy Meyer 
Director of Academic Records
May Hall – Room 111

Please make sure you have chosen the correct catalog that you are following as that will determine which coursework is evaluated to determine graduation eligibility. A student may move up a catalog but may not move to a previous catalog. Please note that coursework may be different in various versions of the catalog.

Major Codes:
BA - Bachelor of Art
BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

BS - Bachelor of Science
BSED - Bachelor of Science in Education
BUS - Bachelor of University Studies
AA - Associate in Art
AAS - Associate in Applied Science
AS - Associate in Science
CERT - Certificate
COC - Certificate of Completion

I hereby give permission to publish my graduation information in my hometown newspaper and the commencement book (Degree, Major, Honors, etc.):