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Department Master Request Form

What is a Department Master?
In Blackboard, a Department Master is used for storage of course content that was paid for by the college. This content belongs to a department and can be used by all members of the department. Like a Personal Master, a Department Master will not be deleted from Blackboard. Only an Associate Dean or Instructional Chair can request that the Department Master be deleted.

How is a Department Master Used?
Materials developed in a Department Master can be copied by faculty to their live semester course shells, where their students are enrolled and teaching occurs. Please note that semester course shells are deleted from Blackboard one (1) semester after the end of the class.

Please Note

  • Submitting this form does not automatically create your Department Master.
  • Requests will be processed Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM, within 48 business hours of receipt.
  • You will be contacted by MATC Blackboard Faculty Support via e-mail once your request has been completed.