Free Facebook Surveys App

Create any Facebook surveys, polls and quizzes with the drag & drop
simplicity, and post it on Facebook as easy as 1-2-3!

Free Facebook Surveys App

Facebook is a place of friends and community. It opens the door to wide networks of people that you can share your messages with. A Facebook survey is a very effective way to gather information on a topic. Surveys are simple and fun to fill out. And such a wide and active audience will be thrilled to do it. How to build a Facebook survey in 3 easy steps? Read on!

Create your Facebook survey!

What's best about Facebook surveys is that they achieve their purpose beautifully. A survey is always aimed at collecting as many submissions as possible, in order to obtain an accurate image of how the surveyed topic is really perceived. On Facebook, word of mouth is king – launch the survey and watch the magic happen!

Free Facebook Surveys App with WYSIWYG Editor

Here are the three easy steps needed to build your Facebook survey in a jiffy!

One: Create the survey in your 123FormBuilder account using skip logic or survey flow branch logic options.

Two: Add the 123FormBuilder application to your Facebook page.

Three: Post the survey on your Facebook page and check your reports.

When you access 123FormBuilder's Facebook Survey App, it will be installed automatically. In the application interface, choose the survey you want to publish and the page you want it on and press Add. Read more about how to customize and enable your Facebook survey app.

Add more surveys to the same Facebook page

Create Multiple Facebook Survey

The most awesome thing is that you can have more than one Facebook survey on the same page, in separate tabs. More precisely, up to five!

123FormBuilder provides five Facebook survey apps that do the same wonderful job at the same time, but separately. Access them at the links below. Each Facebook survey will have its own tab on your page.

Watch our video tutorial on how to create a Facebook survey.

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