Case Study

Harvesting Successful Business Partnerships

Harvesting Successful Business Partnerships

Agricultural company improves partner and event management to accelerate communication by 60%, gain 20% more partners and generate $6 million in business.

Customer: Major agricultural company
Segment: Partner and event management
Vertical: Agriculture
Project: Automate partner and event management
Target: Improve partner recruitment and communication
Benefit and Results: 60% faster communication, 20% more partners and $6 million in new business opportunities Intro: Agriculture feeds everyone. But it’s not always as simple as planting seeds. From supply chain management to event registration, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to get the right plants growing in the right places. Learn how one company improved its partner and event management and streamlined ordering processes with help from 123 Form Builder.


This large agriculture company with over 28,000 employees in 90 countries works to enhance food security worldwide by developing new innovations and helping farmers make better use of the resources they have available. Partners play a major role in the company’s success.


The large company has a lot to handle in terms of ordering, supply chain management, lead generation, partnership registration and more. 123 Form Builder enables more efficient management of partner information and helps the company get the most out of in-person meetings and events by using forms to guide effective preparation and follow-up.