Case Study

Hello Forms, Goodbye Butterflies: 123FormBuilder Helps Turn People into Performer

Hello Forms, Goodbye Butterflies: 123 Form Builder Helps Turn People into Performers

Goodbye Butterflies is an online course in mindfulness that helps people develop the calmness and presence of mind that are required to perform in public They needed to be able to stay focused on the content of the course rather than the technical development of the online delivery, so he sought a simple solution that would be easy to use for non-technical people. The solution also had to offer a reliable way for instructors to check on form submission data, evaluate student progress, and collect student feedback on the course.

After trying out several form-building solutions, Dr. Lee found that only 123 Form Builder delivered the right combination of ease of use and functionality

Read the Case Study and learn how Dr. Lee was able to create:

  • Interactive, engaging quizzes and self-assessments
  • An easy way to check student progress
  • Clear, appealing visual format accessible to all users