Case Study

Aliso Viejo Dental

Aliso Viejo Dental

Aliso Viejo Dental is a small dental clinic in Aliso Viejo, Orange County, Southern California which has been active on the market since 2005. It has a team of 5 professionals working in the office and dozens of patients every month. They have a philosophy of treating every patient with respect and personalized attention. To meet these standards, they chose 123 Form Builder.

Aliso Viejo Dental used an automated system for patient communication before. They were charged about $300/month and one of the features was having a website form for their patients to request an appointment online. The form would send them an email that we would respond immediately during work hours or the next day. “But it’s 2017 and that’s when we found They have customizable forms that offered exactly the same service, for way cheaper or next to free. We’ve been happy with it since then!” said Dr. Ruxandra Preda, owner of Aliso Viejo Dental. Besides the high price paid, the way in which the forms were set up didn’t appeal to them. The services used didn’t offer a lot of options which made it impossible to create the forms the way they wanted.