Why is the form theme different on 123FormBuilder and Wix?

Why is the form theme different on 123FormBuilder and Wix?

Whenever you add a theme to your web form on 123FormBuilder, the changes will not apply on Wix, as well as the other way around. This is because the 123FormBuilder application for Wix has some minor particularities, different from when you use our services on our platform. You could edit the web form’s theme on 123FormBuilder and later add it on Wix via the 123FormBuilder or use the dropdown from the 123FormBuilder to select the theme and using the Customize link.

Here are the steps on how to quickly change the theme of your form directly in the 123FormBuilder:

1. In the 123FormBuilder, go to Choose Theme and click on the arrow from the left side of the theme name to open the themes menu.

wix formbuilder theme

2. The check symbol indicates which form theme is being used on the form. To edit that respective theme, select it and hit the Customize link.

3. You’ll be redirected to the Themes section as seen on the 123FormBuilder platform. Before exiting the widow, remember to press the Save or Save & Apply button, on the bottom part of the page.

To apply another theme, select the theme you want in the themes menu of the 123FormBuilder and hit the Apply link.

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
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  1. Nanogrip says:

    I am evaluating your forms tool. I am able to design the form I want but even after following your instructions on how to get my edited form on my wix page it does not work. It seems you have some technical issues. I choose wix because of the speed and ease of drag and drop. Your product at this time falls short. If it worked I would gladly upgrade to premium.

  2. Eddie Beach says:

    How do you add the theme to Wix once edited in 123FormBuilder as suggested?

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