What type of notifications can be triggered at form submission?

There are four types of notifications that can be triggered when the form is sent, namely: form submission, copy to the sender, autoresponder / confirmation message, payment confirmation.

1. Form submission. This is the message that is sent to your email address when somebody fills out your form. By default, the recipient is the email address used for creating the account. You can change it or create multiple and custom notifications in SettingsNotificationsForm Owner Options. In order to customize submission content, use email templates.

Email Notifications

2. Copy to the sender. This is a copy of the form submission, the exact same submission that you are receiving. To enable this feature, go to SettingsNotificationsForm User Options and tick the box Send a copy of the completed form to the sender. The address used as a recipient is the one indicated under Submission CopyTo. Set the Email field in your form as the data source.

3. Autoresponder / Confirmation message. The confirmation message is sent right after the submission is made. Its purpose is to confirm that the message has been received successfully and/or to provide further information. To enable autoresponders, go to Settings → NotificationsForm User Options and tick the box Send a confirmation message to the sender. Use the Customize button to access the section where your autoresponder messages can be created, customized and deleted.

Don’t forget that you can use HTML/CSS autoresponders and confirmation rules. The email address that will receive the confirmation message is the one indicated in the dropdown list labeled Send Confirmation Message To. Select the Email field in your form where users are required to provide their email address.

4. Payment confirmation. Obviously, this one applies only to forms with payment integration. It is delivered to the user if the payment is successful. The payment notification can be enabled and created in SettingsPaymentsNotifications. Tick the box Send notification after payment is completed and use the Customize message button to provide the message content. The payment confirmation is sent to the Sender Email, that can be customized in SettingsNotificationsForm User Options. To customize it, go to Submission Copy and choose the Email form field from the dropdown list. Now the payment confirmation will be sent to the email address given by the form user upon submission.

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