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What happens to my account when the subscription is cancelled/downgraded?

After you have cancelled or downgraded your 123FormBuilder subscription, some of the advanced features will be automatically disabled. Other features will not be automatically disabled, so that your forms can still be used. Those are the features that need to be manually disabled by you. By not doing so, leads to a limitation of your account. If you cancel your subscription, your account will be downgraded to the Basic plan.

Features that are automatically disabled or removed are:

  • From Gold to Basic

    • Custom recipients
    • Custom email templates
    • Custom autoresponders
    • SMS notifications
    • PDF notifications
    • SMTP
    • All apps, except Wix Contacts and NationBuilder
    • Translations
    • Password protection
    • Public reports
    • Request for approval
    • Save for later
    • Edit delivered submission
    • Preview submission
  • From Platinum to Gold

    • Domain aliasing
    • Secured SSL
    • Custom JS scripts
    • All payment options
    • VerticalResponse integration
    • Salesforce integration
    • Marketo integration
    • Webhooks integration

Features that you need to manually remove or disable to avoid penalties:

  • From Gold to Basic

    • File Upload fields
    • HTML Blocks (1 accepted per form)
    • Quiz – Countdown Timer
    • Quiz – Answers (Show missed results, Enable Partial Answers)
    • Quiz – Show Quiz Results
    • Reports – limit to 1 report
    • Report filters – limit is 3 per report
    • Limit number of forms to 5 per account
    • Limit number of fields to 10 per form
    • Remove submissions if limit exceeds 100 per month
    • Limit API calls to 100 per day
    • Limit number of custom themes to 3 in total
    • Limit number of rules to 1 per form
  • From Platinum to Gold

    • Custom reports
    • Report filters
    • Limit number of rules to 3 per form
    • Limit number of forms to 20 per account
    • Remove submissions if limit exceeds 5,000 per form
    • Remove subaccounts
    • Limit storage space to 500 MB (Uploads Manager)
    • HTML Blocks (2 accepted per form)

You can consult our features matrix to see the features that each plan provides.


  1. You making things difficult. You make me trying to guess what i have done wrong. You make me spend time (time i don’t have), to figure out what your terms and restrictions are. It would be simple enough to Inform in the making that the specific feature needs an extra program and have a specific price but I believe that you are trying to force a payment.
    Thanks a lot but NEVER AGAIN…

  2. Hi,

    Just wanted to know what has been changed if anything. Can you please let me know if there are any issues with my free forms? I received a promo code to get the forms from Wix, so I am a little confused as to the email I received.

    Thank you,


    1. Hello Gary!

      Please read our Terms of Service. We usually email our users when any of the terms have been violated, but situations might occur when accounts are automatically banned by our system due to phishing attempts or other related activities. It’s best that you read our terms of service and ask for support whenever you have questions or need assistance.

      Our Support Team can be contacted at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


    1. Hello Jessica!

      Once you have downgraded, you get to use the paid subscription until the next payment date. For example: if you have paid your subscription on the 4th of each month and downgraded today, you would still have the subscription active until the 4th of the next month. That’s when your account is changed to Basic.

      Regarding your data, it will be still stored in your account (submissions only), but you will be limited to 100 submissions per month when you become Basic. If you have file stored in the Uploads Manager, download them before your downgraded, otherwise you may no longer have access to your uploads.

      For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support[at]123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


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