Video Tutorial: Installing the 123FormBuilder plugin for WordPress

Video Tutorial: Installing the 123FormBuilder plugin for WordPress

Follow this step-by-step video tutorial on how to install and use the 123FormBuilder plugin for WordPress and publish your web forms within your WordPress posts.


00:00:00.9 Hi! I’m Alex from 123FormBuilder
00:00:03 In this tutorial I will show you how to embed your web form on WordPress
00:00:08 Under the My Forms section, select your form and click on the Get Code & Publish link
00:00:13 Now, hit the WordPress tab, located on the left
00:00:16 Here you will find the link for the WordPress plugin
00:00:20 Click on the link to download the plugin
00:00:28 In the Admin Panel of your WordPress site, go to Plugins and then click Add New
00:00:36 Now click on the Upload Plugin button on the top
00:00:39 Click the Choose File button to upload the Zip file you’ve downloaded earlier from our platform
00:00:45 Next, click on the Install Now button and wait for the following messages to appear
00:00:54 Now the plugin needs to be activated before becoming fully functional
00:00:58 There are two ways to publish your forms on WordPress
00:01:01 One is by using the 123FormBuilder widget within the post editor
00:01:04 Here you need to provide your account’s API key and use the Connect button
00:01:08 It will open a dropdown where all your existing forms are listed
00:01:13 The other and most used option is to copy the code from the Publish section of your form
00:01:17 and paste it in the editor of the post
00:01:29 And here’s how the form will be displayed
00:01:32 thank you very much for watching!
00:01:34 And if you’d like to see a specific tutorial just drop us a line in the comment section below
00:01:37 and we’ll make it for you

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
Oli's enthusiasm for helping our fellow users led him to write thorough know-how articles and tutorials that would make form building a bliss on 123FormBuilder.


  1. Jade Danner Jones says:

    How do you remove the frame from the form in wordpress?

    • Hello Jade!

      The form frame can be removed by going to Form Settings –> Themes.

      Once you are there, please scroll down to Background and Form Frame, and click on the tab.

      In that tab you will find a category called Form Frame and next to it two options, On and Off.

      If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at:


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