Video Tutorial: How to use the 123 Form Builder app for Wix?

Video Tutorial: How to use the 123 Form Builder app for Wix?

Follow this step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the 123 Form Builder app for Wix. You may use the app to create, edit and publish web forms on your Wix website.


0:00.7 Hello!
0: 01.2 In this tutorial I will show you how to embed your web forms on your Wix website
0:05.9 In the site editor, select the page where you want the form embedded
0:09.0 I will embed my web form here
0:10.6 Click on the App Market, located on the left
0:15.5 Next, look for the 123 Form Builder and add it to your site.
0:30.6 This is the default form.
0:34.0 Right click on the default form and click on App Settings.
0:38.8 This is the main panel of the 123FormBuilder.
0:41.6 Use the Connect Account button to log into your account.
0:50.7 I’m now logged into my 123FormBuilder account.
0:57.4 This is the form templates section.
0:59.7 You can use any of these templates to create a new form.
1:04.5 These are my forms.
1:06.1 The form is automatically embedded on the web page once it’s selected.
1:09.6 This link stores all available standard and customized form themes.
1:12.9 To change the theme of the form, select it in the list and then hit Apply.
1:24.7 To customize a theme, select it and hit Customize.
1:33.1 Default themes are automatically duplicated when you want to customize them.
1:37.3 Here you can edit the theme as you see fit.
1:52.0 When finished, hit the Save & Apply button to apply the changes to your form
2:00.0 Use the Customize button below the small window to edit your form elements.
2:05.9 This is the Form Editor.
2:08.1 I’m adding a Radio buttons field with three available choices.
2:19.4 The changes are updated automatically, so I will close the window
2:22.0 and see the results on my web page.
2:29.4 And there you have it!
2:31.1 Thank you very much for watching!
2:32.5 And if you want to see a specific tutorial
2:34.5 just drop us a line in the comment section below
2:35.8 and then we’ll make it for you.

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
Oli's enthusiasm for helping our fellow users led him to write thorough know-how articles and tutorials that would make form building a bliss on 123FormBuilder.


  1. Paul Austin says:

    Hi – I need to provide a website Occupational Health & Safety Check. About 50 questions, multiple choice answers with advice on entry of incorrect answers, and the ability to correct these answers without re-sitting the entire test. Once completed, responses to e automatically sent via email to ,y office.
    Can 123 Contact Form do this?
    Many thanks

    • Hello Paul!

      Unfortunately, we do not support the option to add answer explanations, but we do have a feature request concerning it at this link. As for the ability to correct these answers live on the form, we do not support that either. Please provide us a detailed example on how you would like to use such a feature at the following email address:

      You could also create a feature request here. It will be published so that other users may cast their vote.

      For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or via our contact form.


  2. abhilash says:

    please send video link about how to link form data to a online database like “Caspio”…..
    hopeing a quicck reply

    • Hello!

      We support the process of building forms only. If you want to link your form submissions to a database, you would require the WebHook integration that we provide and a private server, where your database is built. The WebHook integration works as a bridge between your form and your database. You can read more in our documentation.

      For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or via our contact form.


  3. Carol Roden says:

    I would like to convert the request form under Programs, subset Maintenance to a form that can be filled in by the visitor on my Wix website. How do I do this?

    • Hello Carol!

      I apologize for the late reply. I suggest you use our a href=”” class=”blueLink99″ target=”_new”>contact form to receive a faster reply from one of our customer support specialists. Our Support Team can be also reached at the following email address:

      Regarding your inquiry, could you please explain us what you want to accomplish and send the information to our Support Team?


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