Update Report button

Update Report button

Starting from 8 May 2015 all reports are updated automatically. Therefore,the feature is no longer available and this article is outdated.

Using this feature your form visitors can update the report after new submissions have been made.

To enable this feature you need to create a custom report, as the default report is always updated automatically. Here are the steps for enabling the Update Report button:

  1. Build your Custom Report
  2. Update reports for online forms

  3. Select Publish
  4. Update reports for online forms

  5. This is the popup where you need to select Yes, available at http://. In the expanded area check Show Update Report button and press Save.

    Update reports for online forms

  6. Now, check your report from the link and notice the Update Report button on the bottom-right, like in the example below.

    Update reports for online forms

As the form owner, you can use the Update Report button from the Reports section at any time, but other users can’t use it more than one time during an hour, in order for the feature not to be abused. If, after one hour, the button doesn’t appear on your public report, it’s because another user has already used it.

Important: If you’ve set your form to redirect the user to the report after submission (Form Owner OptionsThank You Page and Redirects), the feature is no longer available, because the report is automatically updated after each submission. The Update Report link shows only when the custom report is accessed directly from your website or from its direct link.


  1. KJ Miller says:

    hi, 2 issues I have w all my pages.
    1. When a person registers, on completion it directs to a public report OK, but the report is not updated. The person has to click the update button themselves (if they even know that’s what they have to do). You can test register if u want. Just use the name TEST and I will delete it later.
    2. On my public reports, on the top data field is there but blank, this just started out of the blue.

    Thank you,
    KJ Miller

    • Hello!

      I have tested one of your forms. We are aware of the issue with the Data Table widget and are currently fixing it. Regarding the part where submitters have to manually update the report, have you tried removing the update link from the report to see if this fixed the problem?

      Also, we would humbly request to send us details regarding your operating system and browser, so we can resolve the matter faster. Screenshots are more than welcome. You can contact us by email at support@123formbuilder.com


    • Hello!

      The issue with the Data Table report has just been fixed. The blank part below the top data field will not appear any longer. If the problem persists, please contact us at support@123formbuilder.com


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