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Your form submissions are stored on our servers and are available to you in the Submissions section. This is where the information provided by your submitters is centralized, so that you can get an overview of the submission status, analyze individual entries and manipulate all data. You can access the submissions of a form either from the My Forms section, when selecting your form, or by pressing the Submissions tab above, when creating or editing the form.


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  1. What if a respondent wants to edit the submission they have already sent in? For example, let’s say they used a registration form to commit to an event, and then had to cancel their own registration. How does the respondent do that?

    1. Hi Cheyenne,

      You would need to enable the Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions at a later time option under the Settings -> Advanced -> Submissions section. The edit submission link will be included on the Thank You Page and sent via email to the address included on the form.

      It would be recommended to also enable the Resend notification e-mail every time the submission is edited option so that you receive a notification when the submission is edited.


    1. Hi David!

      Yes, by integrating with Google Drive, a spreadsheet will be created for that specific form.

      When a new entry is made, the spreadsheet will be automatically populated.

  2. When I build a form, I understand the data is stored on your database, but what security do you offer/guarantee for that data? Is it possible to have the data go directly to a google doc, and not remain on your server?

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