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SSL Encryption

The SSL encryption protocol secures communication over the Internet. SSL encryption makes all the information sent through your forms unreadable for any person or robot trying to intercept it. When SSL is enabled for your forms, their URLs start with https:// instead of http://.

If you want to embed your form on a webpage you own, it is highly recommended that you also secure the webpage with an SSL encryption. If you are using Google Adwords for different campaigns, make sure you encrypt your online forms to avoid penalties. Use the option Secured SSL to complete your Adwords campaigns without any security problems.

Our 256-bit SSL encryption is available for Platinum or higher plans.

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  1. I have a website build via wix.com. I integrated 123form plugin and i would like to know if i upgrade to platinum will SSL be added to the webpage with form?

    for example when vistor goes on my website and they click on page with form will it automatically change from http to https?

    1. Hello Emmanuel!

      Apparently Wix doesn’t support SSL encrypted web pages. This means that even though you would use the SSL feature, only the form will be encrypted, not the page. This feature will not change your web page from http to https. But if you publish your web form by link, rather than embedding it, the form will be opened in a separated tab that will be SSL encrypted. You can find the link option in the Publish section.

      If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@123formbuilder.com for the best in-house customer support assistance.


  2. Your article says, “If you want to embed your form on a webpage you own, it is highly recommended that you also secure the webpage with an SSL encryption.”

    Wix doesn’t allow us to install SSL on our pages they host. So when I have a form embedded on a wix page and the user clicks submit, the info is not encrypted? Even if SSL is activated in my 123 contact form account?

    1. Hello Jasmine!

      That is correct. You can enable the SSL option for your form, but this will not secure the web page where it is embedded. However, you can add the link of the form in the web page and the web form will be opened in a separate tab that is SSL secured. You can find the Form Link publishing option in the Publish section of your form.

      If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at support@123formbuilder.com


  3. Our dental practice site is a Wix.com site and not secure. What we want is to be able to have a set of forms that have medical information ( which must be secure due to HIPPA requirements) on them, so that our new patients can fill out the forms on our website, and have it delivered to us securely.
    Is that possible?
    Thank you,
    Celeste Dobbins

    1. Hello, Celeste! Our services include security measures for both your 123FormBuilder account and your online forms. Read more about our secure forms at http://www.123formbuilder.com/secure-forms.html. Also, our platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services with all the needed security measures. Have a look here on how we handle service security.

      Platinum users have access to SSL Encryption to further consolidate the security of their web forms. Have a look at our available plans here for more information.

      For questions or assistance, please contact our Support Team.

      Thank you!

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