SMS Notifications

You can receive SMS notifications when new submissions are sent through your forms. This way, you will be aware at any time and anywhere that someone has filled out one of your forms.

To enable SMS notifications, go to the SettingsNotifications section and, under Form Owner, scroll down and select Send notifications via SMS to phone number. Hit New Phone Number and provide your phone number. The number will be automatically saved.

You can send SMS notifications up to a maximum of five different phone numbers. Hit the New Phone Number button to add a new number. If you want to delete a phone number, press the button Delete on the right.

Depending on where you’re based, one SMS can cost one, two or three credits. You can buy credits in packs of 100, at the price of $10. On any paid plan, you get 5 free credits by default.

SMS Notifications

The SMS message displays the following text:

New submission for the form [Form Name] from [submitter's email]

Here’s an example:

New submission for the form Conference Registration from

Note: Remember to put the prefix of your country before saving your mobile phone. Here’s a list of examples for mobile phones with prefixes:

+19111111111 (USA)
+390611111111 (Italy)
+40711111111 (Romania)
+918011111111 (India)

This service is provided by

Description: Notifications


A server notification will be sent to your cellphone.

Message and data rates may apply.

1 message per request.

Text HELP to 67082 for further information and help

Text STOP to 67082 to cancel

Customer Care (US) 0877 260 3952’s terms and conditions


  1. engine machine shop says:

    Hello, I check your new stuff named “SMS Notifications – 123FormBuilder – Get SMS alerts at form submission” on a regular basis.

  2. DAMMIKA M says:

    I am trying this out. It works for my number (+12402412362). However when I try a number in a different state (+16034387447), it does not send the SMS. Can someone help me with these please.
    Thank yoo.

    • Hello!

      SMS notifications are charged differently depending on the used mobile service and country/state. This is not the case in your situation, however. Could please offer us more details and send them to ?

      I’m guessing you’ve added more than one mobile number to receive the message, yet the second one doesn’t receives anything. Anything related to the mobile service and state/country would be greatly appreciated.


  3. kalpen patel says:

    how much sms credit will I be charged if i decide to recieve mobile listed in india on +918460533794


    • Hello, Kalpen! Here’s how you can find this information. Please go to the SettingsNotifications section of any web form you own. Enable the SMS Notifications option and enter your phone number. Hit Save and return to SMS Notifications, on top. You’ll see a new quote next to Credits left, stating how much credits you are charged for one SMS. Here’s an example: Credits left: 2 (1.5 credits per SMS).

      For questions or assistance, please contact our Support Team here.

      Thank you!

  4. Admin says:

    Harry, the general cost of SMS notifications is this one mentioned in the article, which applies for your own country and your telephone network. Our system notifies you how many credits you have depending on the phone number you wish to use. To see them, just enter the phone number you want to receive notifications to in Settings -> Notifications -> SMS Notifications.
    Hope this answers your question. Please let us know how we can be of further help.

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