Use conditional logic to change the behavior of your web form based on the submitted answers. Use field rules to show or hide fields according to your visitors’ answers or selected language on form (if translations are enabled), so that your form makes perfect sense and does not ask for irrelevant information. With autoresponder rules, you can send different autoresponders (confirmation messages) based on users’ input.

Form rules allow you to redirect to different web pages after submission.

Form Rules - Conditional Logic

Types of conditional logic:
Confirmation Rules
Field Rules
Form Rules


  1. Setting up these rules on forms are just wonderful! Thanks for posting such information!

  2. Fred says:

    I’m stuck, I’m trying to add a rule,
    I went to settings, field rules, below is the field I have created, i’m just not sure what I have done wrong. Can you please help me.
    +add rule
    1 IF
    -Direct Deposit IS CHECK
    SHOW Bank Routing Number AND Account number

    Let me know if you need more information on this. Thanks for your time.

    Thanks, Fred

    • Hello Fred,

      I apologize for replying this late to your comment. From my understanding, you want to add a rule that will show the fields Bank Routing Number and Account number only when the Direct Deposit is checked. I haven’t looked in your form settings, but could you check in the Form Editor that the fields Bank Routing Number and Account number are not set on hidden, in the Edit Field panel?

      When applying a rule, where you want to show one or more fields, the respective fields will be automatically hidden once the rule has been created. If you use the hidden option, they will remain hidden. I hope this helped.

      For a more thorough explanation or for more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at:


  3. Kory Prince says:

    Is there an ability to duplicate rules on duplicated forms now?

  4. Dontrell says:


    Issue: When I duplicate my form, all the notification setting and rules that I created are deleted.

    I want to know if there is a way to transfer or duplicate the rules from one form to another?


  5. […] a male, then the additional fields remain hidden, in order to avoid redundancy. This is done with field rules. Finally, the medical online form inquires into reposondents’ habits with respect to tobacco, […]

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