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Resend, print or export to CSV

Resend, print or export to CSV

To resend a submission entry to your email box, click on the submission and press Resend in the submission lightbox. You can also resend more submissions at the same time by ticking the checkboxes on the left and using the Resend button on top of the submissions table. To create a printer-friendly version of the submission entry, press Print in the submission lightbox.

To export submissions, use the Export to: drop-down in the main view and select whether you want to export to CSV or EXCEL. When exported to CSV, form submissions become tabular textual data that can be read in text editors. For example, you can download Excel tables containing your form submissions. If you select EXCEL, you’ll receive by email the link from where you can download your submissions in the .xlsx format.
export csv from web form

When you click on Export to CSV in Submissions a popup window will appear, where you can select the way your submissions appear in tabular data.

If you have encountered problems in Microsoft Excel, the CSV file didn’t open or your submissions appeared in a messed up order, don’t worry as they can be fixed right away, be it Excel 2003 or a more recent version of Excel

To download in excel, follow our documentation on how to export form submissions to excel.

You can import CSV files in the Submissions section of your form with the help of the import button. Select the CSV file from your device and hit Import.

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  1. Dear customer service,
    I cannot export the CSV file and have it sent to my email. I have tried several times and I still did not received anything. Could you please help? Thank you so much!

    Best regards,

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