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Can I receive my email notifications in PDF?

Yes, you can request a copy of the email template into a PDF file – but only if you have a Gold subscription or higher. We offer two options in this matter:

123FormBuilder attach submissions as pdf

1. Attach submissions as PDF to the notification email, free of charge that you can receive each time a new submission has been made on the form. Go to the section SettingsNotificationsForm Owner Options of your form and select Attach submission as PDF to the notification email in PDF Options to enable it.

The PDF attachment looks something as this:

123FormBuilder attach submissions as pdf

2. Attach submissions as PDF in the form layout to the notification email. This means that the layout of the PDF attachment will include the layout of the form, as seen online with the data included in the form inputs. See our example below:

123FormBuilder attach submissions as pdf

This second options may be enabled only when the first option is used. It’s labeled Use form layout for PDF attachments. When checked, you’ll be charged for every PDF attachment that you will receive with 1 credit. If you need more credits, you can buy for 10$ a conversions pack consisting out of 100 credits. Just click the link Buy more to get extra credits. Remaining credits are displayed on the right side of the option.

Unless the submission is edited (updated), you will not be charged if the submission is resent from the Submissions section. That’s because the PDF attachment (with the layout of the form) is the same. If the submission is updated (form data has been changed), a new PDF file will be generated, meaning you will be charged with another credit.

Note: For custom email templates you’ll need to set the width of each column manually. The total width of the template is set as 100 %, so you will have to divide the width of each column accordingly (E.g.: 2 columns- 20/80 or 30/70). Learn more about how to change column widths.

If you have an order form and have set it to send notifications only after payments have been made, the feature will no longer function.

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    1. Hello Michael.

      The credits are used per submission, as a new PDF file is generated every time a submission is made. Note that this applies only if you are using the form layout for PDF option.

      For any further questions you might have, please contact our Support team at support@123formbuilder.com, or, via our contact form.


  1. I’m concerned that a client might fill out the form and I’m not notified or that the information is not getting to the intended place!

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