Video Tutorial: Using the 123FormBuilder App for Facebook

Follow this step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the 123FormBuilder app for Facebook to publish web forms on your Facebook page.


00:02 Hi! I’m Alex from 123FormBuilder.
00:04 In this tutorial I will show you how to publish your web form on your Facebook page.
00:09 To begin, go to the Publish Form section on your web form and hit the Facebook tab on the left.
00:16 Now click on this link and you’ll be redirected to Facebook.
00:19 If you are not logged into your Facebook account, you’ll be required to log in as shown here.
00:25 If you are already logged in, you will then be redirected to the following step.
00:29 Two successive popup windows will appear on the screen.
00:33 Press Ok each time to proceed.
00:40 Here, use the first dropdown to select the form you want to publish.
00:45 Use then the second dropdown to select the Facebook page where you want the form published.
00:52 Now click on the Add button.
00:55 This step will add the 123FormBuilder app as a page tab.
00:59 Use the dropdown to select the Facebook page where the form is published.
01:03 Now click on the Add Page Tab button.
01:07 Now let’s look at my Facebook page.
01:14 As you can see, I can access my form through this page tab on the left
01:20 Or by using the dropdown above and pressing this link
01:24 And here’s the web form displayed on my Facebook page.
01:27 Simple, isn’t it?
01:29 Thank you very much for watching!
01:30 If you want more videos like this you can leave us a comment with the topic
01:33 and we’ll make it for you
01:35 Thank you very much!

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
Oli's enthusiasm for helping our fellow users led him to write thorough know-how articles and tutorials that would make form building a bliss on 123FormBuilder.

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