My form – Twitter integration does not work. How to fix it?

Especially if you see the message Returned error message: Status is a duplicate, it means that the custom message set to be twitted from your account does not contain an element that would make tweets distinct. This element must be present. Add one of the codes listed in the Twitter integration customization lightbox, e.g. [%Name%]. Make sure that it is typed in correctly (copy it from the list).


  1. Tawny Branaman says:

    I went to 3rd Party Apps & clicked on Twitter to begin the integration. However, when I tried to check the box to enable the integration, an error message box popped up that said “Please provide a valid message to post on Twitter”. I see no place to enter said message to be posted on twitter. And I am unable to enter my Twitter username, because I cannot enable the integration. Please advise on how I should proceed.

    Thank you,
    Tawny Branaman

    • Hello Tawny!

      To enable the 123FormBuilder – Twitter integration, please press the button Connect to Twitter on the Twitter application box. You’ll be redirected to Twitter to add your username and password or to confirm the connection between 123FormBuilder and your Twitter account (if already logged in Twitter). Read more about how to integrate with Twitter in our documentation here.

      If you have more questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or via our contact form.


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