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How to validate 123FormBuilder in the IP Whitelist section from ExactTarget?

IP Whitelisting is a security measure that restricts unknown IP addresses from accessing your ExactTarget account. This feature is useful for third party integrations, such as 123FormBuilder for ExactTarget, to authenticate and send data to your ExactTarget account with your permission.

Important: If you’re using IP Whitelists, follow this guide to manually add the IP ranges from 123FormBuilder, otherwise your 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget integration might fail.

First, check to see if your ExactTarget account has IP Whitelisting enabled. For that, go to AdminAccount SettingsSecurity Settings and under Username and Logins, check the line that states ‘Restrict Logins by IP Address (IP Whitelisting)‘ if it’s disabled or not. To do this, you’ll need to have access to an admin ExactTarget account. If your Login IP Whitelist is disabled, you don’t need to follow this article further. The integration will work just fine.

If it’s enabled, go to Account SettingsIP Login Whitelist where you’ll need to add each IP range separately from 123FormBuilder.

Note: This guide is for non-Enterprise 2.0 accounts. If you’re using an Enterprise 2.0 account, follow the documentation here from ExactTarget.

1. Press Create (top left) and enter the two points of each IP range, as in the example below.

2. Add in Description a text which will help you identify it as used for 123FormBuilder, and select the API Calls option from the Login Source dropdown list.

Constantly check back to this article each month or two to see which are the IP ranges our services are on, as they are changed periodically by our website hosting server, Amazon.

These are the IP ranges from 123FormBuilder for the Login IP Whitelist on ExactTarget:

Start IP Address End IP Address NEW NEW

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