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How to Send Form Data into ExactTarget Lists

The 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget integration allows users to send form data to their ExactTarget lists, within seconds. ExactTarget is a digital marketing platform, which focuses on helping marketers to better communicate with their customers, through a system of lists. If you want to use this application, you will need the field Email set as required on your web form, for the integration to work properly. This integration may be used even by ExactTarget subusers that have access to a 123FormBuilder account.

123FormBuilder - ExactTarget Integration

Here’s how you can integrate your web form with the 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget application:

1. Go to SettingsApplications and add ExactTarget from the list.

123FormBuilder - Add ExactTarget

2. Provide the username, password of your ExactTarget account and select the instance your account is on. To see on what instance you are on in ExactTarget, check the URL of your ExactTarget account.

Instance S1 users: http://.. .exacttarget.com.
Instance S4 users: http://..s4.exacttarget.com.
Instance S6 users: http://..s6.exacttarget.com.
Instance S7 users: http://..s7.exacttarget.com.

If you don’t assign the corresponding instance of your ExactTarget account in the application box, the integration will not work.

Finally, hit Save to continue to the customize phase of the integration.

3. Click on Customize in the application box and associate ExactTarget fields with 123FormBuilder fields. It’s mandatory that you create associations for the Email and Subscriber Key fields.

123FormBuilder - ExactTarget - Customize

Note: Under CustomizeOptional fields, the fields shown on the left side are really the fields from the Profile Management and Preference Management sections of your ExactTarget account.

4. In Subscriber lists select one or more lists from your ExactTarget account, to which new contacts will be added at each form submission.

123FormBuilder - ExactTarget - Customize-2

5. In Triggered actions select one or more autoresponders from your ExactTarget account. Users will receive all of the selected autoresponders.

6. Optionally, in Error handling you can add your email address, in case errors occur after submission. If, for any reason, the data doesn’t arrive in your ExactTarget account, you will be notified right away.

This concludes the steps required for setting up the 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget integration. Now, each time someone submits your form, the data will be collected into your ExactTarget account, in your selected lists.

Important: If you haven’t selected a list in Subscriber lists, you can always find the contact in the Channel AppsEmailsSubscribersAll Subscribers section of your ExactTarget account. Use the search bar to find the added email contact much easier.

ExactTarget- Search for subscriber

If you are an Enterprise user or subuser (subaccount), you can use our 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget app to send form data in your Data Extensions from ExactTarget.

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