How to send form submissions to Data Extensions in ExactTarget?

How to send form submissions to Data Extensions in ExactTarget?

With the 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget integration you can send form submissions to your Data Extensions in ExactTarget. All you need to do is have the 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget app installed for your form, in the Settings3rd Party Apps section. In the Customize lightbox, scroll down through the settings until you meet the Data Extensions subsection.

Associate Data Extensions fields (on the left) with your form fields (on the right). In order for an association to work, both the Data Extensions field and the form field have to be the same type. If none of your form fields have the same validation as one of your Data Extensions field, you will not be able to associate it in the Customize lightbox.

Available field types in Data Extensions are: Locale, Phone, Text, Decimal, Number, Boolean, Email Address and Date. Boolean is specific for checkboxes only.

Hit Save after you have finished all your field associations. From this point forth, all new submissions will be sent to your ExactTarget account, in Data Extensions.

You can find your entries in EmailSubscribersData Extensions. Check the data extension and click on View Data (top) to view them.

Note: This feature is independent from the rest of the 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget integration. This means that if it fails to send form inputs to Data Extensions, the rest of the integration will still work.

Important:The 123FormBuilder – Data Extensions feature is available only for the Enterprise plan.

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
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