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How to remove the error message from an online form?

To remove the error message from an online form, you’ll need to add a CSS code in the SettingsThemesUse custom CSS section of your form. The code is the following:

#errordiv {display: none;} 

remove the error message from ></p>
<p>If you want (also) to remove the error messages under the field inputs, simply use this code:</p>
<pre>.fielderror {display: none;}</pre>
<p style=remove the error message from ></p>

        <div class= SIGN UP FOR FREE


  1. Hi Guys.
    i am making an online form for a hospital website, and i need a online booking form. i paid to 123 and got the plan. everything done. but when i fill the form and sent it for booking with Dr. error came and shows me in some fields. for axample. in the first name field. its shows.
    Expected input: Full Name (e.g. John Doe – the value must contain at least one space character)
    for the second name. last name. age, telephone, mobile, and email. all these field show the above line message. please help me what is the problem. i have very urgent website.

    1. Hello,
      The Name label field consists of 2 subfields that receive information about the First and Last name of the person completing the form. If someone tries to insert the full name in just one of the fields that could be the reason for getting the error. If you require more assistance please send an email to our support team at support@123formbuilder.com.

    1. Hello Raegan.

      You can display a custom error message from the Settings -> Translations section. Once you have opened the Customize language lightbox by clicking the Customize button of the Default Language, you will need to identify the error message you want to replace under the System Messages subsection. Then, simply add your custom message in the equivalent text area on the right of the initial message.

      If you have any other questions, please contact our Support team at support@123formbuilder.com, or, via our contact form.


    1. Hello Gregory!

      To change the error messages to Russian, go to the SettingsTranslations section of your form, click on the Add language button, select Russian in the dropdown and next use the Customize button to translate the messages. Error messages are located in System Messages.

      Learn more in our documentation at: http://www.123formbuilder.com/docs/customize-translations/

      For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


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