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How to reactivate your Zendesk integration

Since January 15th 2014 Zendesk API V1 has switched to a newer version.

The 123FormBuilder – Zendesk 3rd party integration has suffered a slight modification. You will no longer use a password to link 123FormBuilder to Zendesk , but a Token which you need to enable and retrieve in order to reactivate your Zendesk integration. You’ll need an admin account to have access to the API token. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to Zendesk as admin.
2. Go to your Admin panel.

How to reactivate your Zendesk integration

3. From here go to ChannelsAPI and tick the Enabled checkbox next to Token Access.

Retrieve token from Zendesk account

4. Copy the Token from the popped up area below, next to Your API token is.

retrieve token from Zendesk

5. Paste the token in the Zendesk application from 123FormBuilder in Zendesk Token.

Retrieve token from Zendesk for 123FormBuilder integration

6. Hit Save and enjoy! Your data will be successfully sent to your Zendesk account.

This modification will not affect the associations you’ve made in Customize. They will remain the same as before. You’ll only put the Token instead of your Zendesk account’s password in the application box.

For more information visit Zendesk.

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