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How to optimize web forms on Facebook for mobile?

Facebook doesn’t allow customized tabs to appear on mobile, but you can optimize web forms on Facebook for mobile by using the Static HTML: iframe tabs Facebook app. This will help you embed your web form on your fan page and share it on mobile devices.

Here are the steps:

1. Access this page and click the button.

add static iframe of 123formbuilder form to facebook page for mobile

2. Use the drop down to select your page and press Add Page Tab.

optimize ></p>
<p>3. Next, it’s time to add your web form. Hit the <b>Set up tab</b> button.</p>
<p style=add ></p>
<p>4. Now open a new tab and go to your 123FormBuilder account.</p>
<p>5. Select your web form and go to the <b>Publish</b> section. </p>
<p>6. Copy the JavaScript code and return to the previous tab, where the <b>Static HTML: iframe tabs</b> app is open.</p>
<p style=how to embed ></p>
<p>7. Delete the content within the text area and paste the JavaScript code.</p>
<p style=embed web form in facebook mobile page

8. Now press the Save & Publish button. Done!

Use the button Enable on mobile devices to generate a tiny URL that opens the form when accessed on mobile. Share this URL with your audience through the page or by email.

Use the app’s view mode option to see the tab as a visitor. You’ll notice that the web form is embedded under the tab that you have just created. Read our guides on how to change the name of the 123FormBuilder tab or the image, which applies to this tab also.


  1. Does the free services plan include optimizing web forms on Facebook for mobile, or is there any charges for use this? The Iframe adds a static html page, taking any charges for use this services ? Please explain…

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