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How to link subsequent objects in SalesForce?

You can add multiple instances of the SalesForce application, so that you can create as many objects as you want for the same submission. Also, the 123FormBuilder – Salesforce integration allows you to create an object and then attach it to a previous created one. Standard objects that can be attached to other objects are: Case, Opportunity and Attachment.

123FormBuilder SalesForce Case

Case can be attached to Contact and Account. In the customization lightbox, you’ll find the options Add case to a contact or Add case to an account.

123FormBuilder SalesForce Opportunity

Opportunity can be attached to Campaign and Account. You’ll find the options in the customization lightbox: Add opportunity to an account and Add opportunity to a campaign.

123FormBuilder SalesForce Attachment

Attachment can be attached to any of your custom and standard objects in SalesForce. In the customization lightbox, look for the Attach to dropdown. If you want to add Attachment to more than one object, you’ll need to add another instance of the SalesForce application to your online form.

In order for the objects to be linked successfully, it is necessary that one must provide at least one field that has the same value in both objects (ideally, the value in that field should also be unique. For example: Name and Email).

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