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How to embed online forms on Edicy?

We recommend that you use the JavaScript code we have provided for you, as it eases your work whenever you make changes to your form in 123FormBuilder. Changes are automatically applied wherever your online form is published and embedded. If you require the entire code of the form for developing purposes, copy the Inline HTML code. Either way, JavaScript is the best option to avoid errors on certain browsers.

To embed an online form on a Edicy webpage, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Edicy account and select the website you want to edit.

As JavaScript is not supported using the Content Block in the editor, you’ll need to create a new layout and assign it to the webpage where you want to add your form. Go to Design, click on Maximize and hit Custom, on top.

embed ></p>
<p>2. This section contains all the scripts and files of your website which you can customize using codding skills. In <strong>Layouts</strong>, click on the <strong>+</strong> symbol to create a new layout. Type any name you want, for example <em>Form Page</em>. You will use this layout to assign it to the webpage that will contain your form. </p>
<p style=embed ></p>
<p>3. Click on the <strong>Common Page</strong> layout, copy all its content and paste it in the layout you have created earlier.   </p>
<p style=embed ></p>
<p>4. Now, go to 123FormBuilder and copy the JavaScript code we have provided for you in the <strong>Get Code & Publish</strong> → <strong>Embed Code</strong> section of your form. Assuming you’re working with two separated tabs (Edicy, 123FormBuilder), return to <strong>Layouts</strong> → <strong>Your layout</strong> (e.g. <em>Form Page</em>) and paste the JavaScript code between the <b>content</b> tags, as in the example below.</p>
<p style=embed ></p>
<p>5. Press <strong>Save</strong> and go to the <strong>Settings</strong> → <strong>Structure</strong> section of your Edicy website. </p>
<p style=embed ></p>
<p>6. Select the webpage you want to edit, click on the <b>cog</b> symbol (settings) and in <strong>Type and layout</strong> select the layout you have created earlier, from the dropdown list. Click on <strong>Apply</strong> and you are done.  </p>
<p style=embed ></p>
<p>The form will can be viewed both in the preview and in the editor (<em>not in the Design section</em>). You can add more content in the editor of your webpage if needed. </p>
<p style=embed ></p>
<p>The online form is displayed as a distinctive element and will not interfere with other elements you might want to add. This concludes our guide on how to embed online forms on Edicy. Enjoy! </p>

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