Can I create advanced rules (that involve more than two fields)?

Yes. You can create complex rules containing up to 10 conditions. These conditions can be linked using the operator AND or the operator OR. Why would you need complex rules? Because you might want to show/hide fields based on more than one previous answer.

Let’s take a basic example. You’re asking form users whether they are going on vacation and whether they have a cat. If the answer is affirmative to both questions, then you also want to know whether they’ll be taking their cat along on vacation. If not, there’s no purpose in asking. This is the double condition rule that you need to set up:

Advanced Rules

Of course, you can add more conditions. Take the example below, which uses both operators:

Advanced Rules

Besides field rules, you can also use advanced conditioning for autoresponder rules or form rules. This way, you can send a confirmation message or redirect to a web page based on several form fields, not just one.

How to set up an advanced rule:
Go to your SettingsRules section and click Add Rule under any of the three tabs: Field Rules, Autoresponder Rules or Form Rules. Use:

  • the grey plus sign to add a new condition to the advanced rule
  • Hover over the condition and click Delete remove it from the advanced rule
  • the dropdown lists on the left to select the operator

Subrules allow you to add rules within other rules. See this example below:

Advanced Rules

Below, you can see three examples of advanced rules, for fields, autoresponders and custom redirect. Keep in mind that a complex rule can contain up to 10 conditions.

Conditional Logic

Form Branching

Advanced Form Rules

In terms of functions, advanced rules are identical to simple rules. Read more about simple field rules, autoresponder rules and form rules.


  1. Anaka Rivera says:

    I am trying to create a rule where the question is “how many dues paying members do you have?” If the number is 1 then I want five unique fields to show. If the number is 5 then I want the same five fields to show up for EACH member as the information is different. I keep running into a problem on to create this.

    Thank you,


  2. carl peters says:

    I am using the free version but I would be happy to upgrade
    Can I do the following in Form 1? Candidate
    1) Selects ONE country (list of countries)
    2) Selects ONE industry (from 10 choices)
    3) Selects ONE profession (from 50 professions)
    4) Based on the selected criteria I display matching jobs
    Note: These jobs are stored in another form Form 2.

    • Hello Carl!

      You can use rules on your form to display the results you need. As it might imply several rules to use, you might want to try our Platinum plan. With Platinum you can create unlimited rules. See our features matrix to see what each plan has to offer.

      If you have further questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or via our contact form. Our Support Team can be found on live chat, also, between 9 AM and 5 PM (GMT+2).


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  4. Ben says:

    Can I create a rule that has multiple “show” commands? For example, I have 5 text boxes that I ONLY want to show if someone selects a particular checkbox. How would I go about that?

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