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How to create a contact form in Expression Web with 123FormBuilder?

Equipped with many features to build ready-to-go web pages, you might have wondered how to create a contact form in Expression Web in the fastest and easiest way possible. Did you know that a contact form is build with HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax and PHP? Well, most of them are. That’s because you use HTML and CSS to build the structure of the contact form and style it as you see fit. Then you need jQuery to add field validation, Ajax to prevent the contact form from refreshing in the browser, each time it is submitted. And lastly, PHP is used to process the data on the server-side. So you need to switch from a coding language to another or hire a programmer that will create the contact form for you, but not at a cheap price, obviously. So what then?

With 123FormBuilder you can build any type of web form or 123FormBuilder account to build your contact form for free. And it’s more simple to use than you think. With a user-friendly drag & drop editor, you can add the fields that you require and customize them on the spot. We even provide a contact form template that will skip you the trouble. Just edit it, head over to the settings part and publish it.

If you’re new to 123FormBuilder and need a quick guide on building your contact form, check out our contact form tutorial guide. Once finished with the guide and creating your contact form, return here for the next step.

So you have your contact form, now you have to publish it in Expression Web. In this article, we’ve used Expression Web 4, but the steps should be similar with the previous versions.

In your 123FormBuilder form builder account, you’ll notice that there are several publishing options for your contact form. Click the Embed tab on the left, to view the available embed options. Embedding your contact form in your web page is the way to go, especially if you don’t want to ruin the design of the page.

publish contact form with embed code

We usually recommend embedding your forms with JavaScript, because it is supported by all browsers and operating systems, not to mention it automatically updates your contact form everywhere it is published, whenever you edit it in your form editor.

Copy the JavaScript code and open your HTML file in Expression Web. Create a new file or use an existing file where you want the contact form published. For example a contact page.

Next, paste the code anywhere between the tags, depending on your choice.

create contact form in expression web 4
*In this example, the embed code is added below the subheadline

Save the file and upload it on your server with FTP or any other client.

Open the web page on your browser and you should see your contact form as in the example below:

create contact form in Expression Web

Check out our blog post on how to optimize conversion rates for your contact form, if interested. More tips and tricks can be read on our blog and don’t hesitate to read our knowledge base to learn more about form building with the 123FormBuilder web form builder.

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