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How to change the column width in Email Notifications?

Unfortunately, the Default Template can’t be modified. Instead, you can create a customized email template and include whatever element you want, or create a copy of the default template. Click on Create New template and a copy will be created for you to edit. The total width of the table is of 100%, meaning you have to divide 100 to the number of columns you want to create. You can change the width of a column to any value you want in percentage, as long as the total width of all your columns equals 100%.

Here’s how you can change the column width of your customized email notification template:

1. Go to the SettingsNotificationsForm Owner Options section of your form, and under Email Header and Content, press the Customize button, next to Email Template.

2. In the lightbox, click on Edit to modify your template.

3. Click on Source code to change the values in percentage of your columns, as in the example below.

change column width in Email Notifications

change column width in Email Notifications

4. Press Ok to save your progress and you are done.

Press Ok to save your changes.

Another method to manually change the column width would be to go to step 2, right-click on a cell, hover over Cell and select Cell properties. In the pop up window, you’ll find a box for the cell’s width. Type the value you want for the column’s width in percentage (maximum value is 100).

change column width in Email Notifications

change column width in Email Notifications

The difference between the first and the second method is that in the Source code you need to set the width for each column separately, while with the second method you can add a width for all the columns at once.

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