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How to build an online quiz: tutorial

This online quiz tutorial will show you how easy it is to create an online quiz for a geography class. The use of checkboxes can establish more than one correct answer in a question, while radio buttons and dropdown lists can contain only one correct answer each. With the Name field you can register the name of each student that completed the quiz. This online quiz tutorial features a countdown timer that lasts 15 minutes and the results page that displays all the missed answers.

Here is the online quiz for a geography 101 class. Feel free to use it and have fun with it.

1. In the Form Editor, add the fields Name and ten Checkboxes fields. Type each question in the Label and add the possible answers in Available Choices . Checkboxes fields allow more choices to be select for the same question. This online quiz has one, two or even three correct answers.

123FormBuilder Quiz Form Editor

2. In Advanced optionsCorrect Choice, select the choices that are correct.

123FormBuilder Quiz correct choice

3. Each question will account 10 points. Under Correct choice you’ll find the Assign points box. Add 10 and you’ll notice the value from Total assigned has changed. Keep adding questions and assign 10 points to them until you reach 100 in Total assigned.

123FormBuilder Quiz assigning points

4. In SettingsAdvanced, tick the option Show countdown timer. Add 15 in the box and select minutes from the dropdown list. This will add a countdown timer that lasts for 15 minutes. After time is up, the quiz will be submitted automatically.

123FormBuilder Quiz countdown timer

5. In the same section, tick Show missed answers in order for students to see where they did wrong after completing the quiz.

123FormBuilder Quiz show missed answers

6. Finally, go to the SettingsNotificationsForm Owner Options section of your online quiz form and tick the option Show quiz results (under Thank You Page and Redirects). This will redirect your students to their quiz results right after submission. Here you can add a customized message, such asThank you for taking our quiz! View your results below shown in this example.

Important Do not forget to save your changes in the Notifications section, otherwise the changes will not take effect on your quiz form.

123FormBuilder Quiz redirect to results

Don’t forget to check our percentage calculations feature for quizzes. This way, students don’t need to select all correct answers of a question in order to receive points. Instead, a percentage will be made on how well the question was answered.

For more questions or assistance, please contact our Support Team and they will gladly help.


  1. Please, I created my quiz using 123formbuilder but I can\’t upload audio file to the quiz. Is there any solution to do that?

  2. One of the thing which is missed for the quiz feature is the option to enable Questions and Selections randomization. (ie. Each time the page is loaded, the questions and selection options order will be different each time) This is useful to prevent cheating attempts where users can simply memorize the pattern of the questions and answers…

    1. Hello Johney!

      That’s quite an idea. We have a Feature Request section where 123FormBuilder users can ask for new options to be included on our platform. The requests are voted by other users and the ones with the most votes will be included on our To-Do List. If you’d like to have the Questions and Selections randomization option available, as you explained, use our feature request form. Once submitted, the request will be published in our Feature Requests section.


    1. Hello Stan!

      No sign up is required. After it has been published, students can start taking the quiz. All results will be saved in your 123FormBuilder account, but you can also opt to redirect students to their results automatically, right after submitting the quiz. Have a look here to learn all about our publishing options.

      Also, read our documentation on how to publish web forms, including quizzes, in a Litmos module for an online class if interested.

      For questions or assistance, our Support Team will be more than happy to help. Send an email to support@123formbuilder.com or fill in our contact form.


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