How to build a collapsing menu for my order form?

How to build a collapsing menu for my order form?

If you are selling different categories of products or services, you can improve the structure of your online order form by using a collapsing menu.

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How to build your collapsing order form menu? In a few easy steps. For example purposes, we will assume there are three categories of products or services, each with its own suboptions.

  • In the Form Editor, add six Checkbox fields to your order form: three containing a single option that designates the category name, and three listing the options available in each category.
  • 123formbuilder create collapsing menu

  • Align field labels to the top (Form LayoutLabel PlacementTop Aligned).
  • 123formbuilder create collapsing menu

  • Preview your order form and inspect its elements using your browser inspection tool. Retrieve the IDs of the category name checkboxes. They are of the type: id123-control2757489_0
  • 123formbuilder create collapsing menu 123formbuilder create collapsing menu
  • Go to the SettingsThemesUse Custom CSSCode section and hide the three checkboxes using CSS. Copy/paste the following code: #id123-control2757489_0, #id123-control2757491_0, #id123-control2757493_0 {display:none;}, replace the IDs with the ones retrieved from your form and click Save.
  • 123formbuilder create collapsing menu

  • Inspect the order form code again and retrieve the IDs of each row containing field labels. They are of the type: rowsec2.
  • 123formbuilder create collapsing menu

  • Back to the Use Custom CSS, make the category names bold. Use the following code: #rowsec1, #rowsec3, #rowsec5 {font-weight:bold;} and replace the IDs with the ones referring to the category names in your form.
  • Now it’s time to make the suboption sections scrollable. Use the following code: #rowsec2, #rowsec4, #rowsec6 {height:150px; overflow-y:auto; border:1px solid #ccc;} and replace the IDs with the ones referring to the suboption fields in your form. And you’re done with the CSS.
  • 123formbuilder create collapsing menu

  • In the SettingsRulesField Rules section, set up the form conditional logic that will make suboptions show only when a category is clicked on. You will need three field rules, like the ones below:

    Online Order Form Branching and Conditional Logic

  • All that is left to do is return to your Form Editor and delete the field labels for all the six fields.

Here is an example of an online order form with a collapsing menu.

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