How to add hyperlinks to choice form fields?

How to add hyperlinks to choice form fields?

This article will explain how to insert hyperlinks in choice fields. To insert a hyperlink, simply add the available choice between the HTML hyperlink tags in the Form Editor, as in the example below:

<a href="here add the URL">Name</a>

To make hyperlinks blue, use our class ‘blueLink99’ as seen here:

<a href="here add the URL" class="blueLink99">Name</a>

You can add new classes in the SettingsThemes section of your form, in Use custom CSS. In this example we will define a class that makes the background of the hyperlink in a shade of grey, the text red and underlined. Here’s the code:

.link {
background-color: #C0C0C0; /*this will make the background light grey */ 
color: red; /*this makes the text red*/
text-decoration:underline; /*this will underline the text*/

Hyperlinks can be added to Radio Buttons and Checkboxes. For a more smoother design, you can add a hover on the available choices. This will trigger a behavior of the element whenever the mouse is pointed over it. In this example we will change the color of the background of the text within the HTML tags. Enter this code in the custom CSS section:

a:hover {background-color:#B0B0B0; } /*This will make the background of the link turn into a shade of grey*/

This concludes our article on how to insert hyperlinks in the choice fields available on your form. To view the hover effect, watch our demo here.

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
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