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Form User Options

This is the section where you can customize the message that go to your form users, once they have submitted the form. In Form User Options, you can set up a customized autoresponder, have the copy of the submission sent to the form user and redirect users upon submission.

In the Thank You Page and Redirects subsection, you can select one of the following options:

form user options

  • Show text. You can add a customized text that all form users will see after submitting the form.
  • Redirect to a web page. Here you can add your own web page and have it open in the default frame, in the same frame, in the parent frame, in new frame (if the browser allows it). Learn more here.
  • Show text, then redirect to a web page. This is the combination of the two options above. Form users will see your customized message and after that they will be redirected to the web page you have added.
  • Show report. Form users will be redirected to a form report which you have added from the dropdown list.
  • Show HTML block. This option allows the form owner to build the Thank You page from scratch. Its system is similar to the templates that are created for autoresponders or notification emails.
  • Redirect with custom variables. With this option you can redirect certain form inputs to another form. Learn more here.
  • Show quiz results. If you have enabled the quiz feature, here is where you enable the option to show the quiz results right after submission. Learn more about SIGN UP FOR FREE


  1. In the “Form User Options”, on both of my quote request forms the only box selected is under “Thank You Page and Redirects” > “Show Text”. However, when a user clicks “Send Email”, the user also receives an email with the text that I have entered in this “Show Text” box. This is not what I am intending to do – after clicking “Send Email”, the user should see the text that is entered in the text box, not see the text AND receive an email with the same text. How do I fix this, since the “Autoresponder” and “Submission Copy” check boxes are not selected?

    1. Hello Nicole!

      Yes, respondents can submit the form several times without reloading it. To enable this option, go to the SettingsNotifications section and scroll to Thank You Page and Redirects. Next, select the option Redirect to a web page, enter your form’s URL (you can find it in Publish FormForm LinkURL). Finally, set the redirect to open in the same frame and save changes. This will open the form again right after it was submitted.

      For more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


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