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ExactTarget Integration


With the 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget integration, your web forms can easily be integrated with your ExactTarget email marketing campaigns. Access the 123FormBuilder application straight from the ExactTarget interface. Build and customize your forms, then add them in the email messages your subscribers receive.

In no time, your entire list of subscribers will be invited to fill out the form. Follow the step-by-step guide below to enable the 123FormBuilder – ExactTarget integration. Start collecting useful information easily!

1. First, add the 123FormBuilder application to your ExactTarget account.

2. Log in to your 123FormBuilder account or sign up for one if you haven’t yet. There are four types of accounts to choose from. Choose the one that suits your needs best.

123FormBuilder - ExactTarget integration

3. Create and customize your form. In the Form Editor, you can add all the form fields that you need. Choose from among various types of fields and options. Customize email notifications and security preferences in the Settings section. Tweak the form theme and enable payments if you want to receive money through your forms.

4. Go to the Get Code & Publish section of your 123FormBuilder account.

ExactTarget integration - Add web forms to your emails

At this point, your form is added to your ExactTarget account. You can find it in the section EmailContentMy Contents.

5. Now all that is left to do is add the form to your email message. Go to the section ContentSimple Automated Emails section in your ExactTarget account.

ExactTarget simple automated emails

6. Edit an email, click on one of the template’s section, and then on Retrieve Content.

Edit ExactTarget email

7. Select the form from the list and press OK.

Retrieve content for ExactTarget emails

The link to your form is now included in your email message. Send the email to your subscribers and start receiving submissions directly to your inbox.

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