Do you offer form validation?

form validation
Yes, we offer form validation. This way, you will never receive emails that you can not answer because the user misspelled the email address, nor will you receive phone numbers containing unwanted letters, entered by mistake. You can use a wide variety of field validation options: alpha (only letters), alphanumeric (letters and numbers), alpha space, alphanumeric space, numeric, numeric plus, email, URL, date (as yyyymmdd, ddmmyyyy, mmddyyyy) and many others.

In the Form Editor, click on a field of your form and you’ll notice the Field Validation option on the left (in Edit Field). From here you can set the validation you want for the respective form field.

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  1. Satyam says:

    If I dont want tje validation no. To be in my form so what should I do…

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