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Do domain aliasing and SSL encryption work together?

Yes, they do, but the procedure to get them working together is a bit more complicated. Enabling SSL encryption in your 123FormBuilder account and setting up an alias for our domain is not enough. After doing these two things, you need to get a special security certificate. This pertains to general internet security.

This functionality is available starting with our Professional plan.

Here are the steps that will allow both features to function normally together:

1. You decide which subdomain you want to use (e.g.: forms.yourdomain.com), and you tell us the subdomain. Besides this, please also give us the following company details necessary for the procedure:

  Host to make certificate for your subdomain:
  Country Code:
  Company Name:
  Company Division:

2. We setup our network infrastructure for your new subdomain. This implies renting an extra load balancer from Amazon Web Services, and configuring it to run your subdomain.

3. We generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for your subdomain and your company details offered to us at step 1.

4. You buy a SSL certificate for the CSR we generated, or you can use your existing wildcard SSL certificate, if you have one.

5. You send us the SSL so that we can install it.

6. The final step is to point the DNS of this subdomain to our load balancer (that we installed specially for you).

Contact us to get started.


  1. i need to send link reading as “survey.pmsjobs.com “. Is it possible with buying platinum plan or there is more to be done to achieve aforesaid name ” survey.pmsjobs.com ” ?

    1. Hello!

      Yes, by upgrading to the Platinum plan you can use domain aliasing in the Publish section of your form. When enabled, you’ll be asked to add the link of your website in an input box. Make sure the domain is not already owned by somebody else when adding it in the input box. Once saved, your form’s link will no longer appear with ‘123FormBuilder’, but with the link of your website. If you want to increase your form’s security, however, you’ll need to follow the steps in the documentation above to obtain a special security certificate and make SSL and domain aliasing work together on your form. Once acquired, you can use the certificate to secure all the forms from your 123FormBuilder account.

      For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


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