Customize Emails

Customize Emails

In Email Notifications, you can create and customize new email templates. This way, you have control over the content of the notification email that is sent when your form is submitted to you and your form users.

Email Notifications allow you to specify the sender name and email used in notifications, to select the form field that contains the reply-to email, to customize a relevant message subject and to establish reference IDs for form identification.

You can select more advanced options, besides Reference ID, as follows:

  • Add the entry ID at the end of your message

    If you require the entry number for each submission.

  • Add user information (IP, country, browser) at the end of your message

    If you require the user’s location who submitted your form, by IP Address, Country and web browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE).

  • Add the referrer, if available, at the end of your message

    If you require the URL of the page, where the form has been submitted, in case you have published the form on several webpages.

  • Attach submission as PDF to the notification email

    If you want to receive a copy of each submission as a PDF file. Everytime you have a new submission, a PDF file with the submission content will be attached to your email notification. The feature is available for both default and customized email templates.

  • Note: This feature doesn’t work when you have selected Send notification after payment is completed in PaymentsPayment notification.

  • Do not include empty fields in the submitted email

    If you do not require empty fields to appear in your email notification.

  • Do not include checkboxes that are not selected in the submitted email

    If you do not require unchecked checkboxes to appear in your email notification.

  • Send emails through your own SMTP server

    Change the email address of the sender from 123FormBuilder to your email address. Read more on how send emails through your own SMTP server.

You can manage autoresponders in Form User Options, if the option has been enabled.

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  1. Norma T says:

    I created a form to request services from our organization. I am in need of adding an additional field where individuals completing the form can also add images prior to sending their response. I have browsed this site and also the web and I am unable to find clear instructions as to how to do this. Can anyone help?

    • Daira Tabuica says:

      Hello Norma,
      In order to collect data such as images or files from your users, you can achieve this by adding a File upload field.
      This way, your users can send you the necessary data you need to collect. If you have other questions please send an email to

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