Confirmation Settings

Confirm submissions. After submission, your form visitors can be redirected to one of the five available options: to a confirmation message, a webpage, a confirmation message that leads to a webpage, to a report, to another form with user passed input or to their quiz results. Use one of the five radio buttons to customize your form’s behavior.
Your submitters can receive via email a copy of the completed form. The engine will use the email addresses provided by submitters within the form. In order for this feature to work, you need to specify which form field contains the users’ address in User Form OptionsSubmission Copy.

Manage autoresponders. You also have the option of sending a customized confirmation message (autoresponder) through email. To do so, check the corresponding box, press the Customize button (if you want to use a different message than the default one) and create a new autoresponder. Autoresponder emails will be sent to the addresses contained in the form field indicated right above the Customize button. If you do not need an autoresponder anymore, you can simply delete it in Manage autoresponders. You can also add an attachment to your autoresponder, such as a document, picture, audio and more.

Manage Autoresponders

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  1. Rick Bannister says:

    I have two forms on my site and am trying to develop a customized response based on which form is filled out. When I test this…the same message comes thru for either form.

    How can I create a customized message for each form? What am I doing wrong?

    • Hello Rick!

      I apologize for replying this late to your comment. I don’t think I quite understand what you want to achieve. Please contact our support specialists here and add some more details of what you want to achieve. Our Support Team will more than gladly assist you and answer to any of your questions.


  2. Marcelo Morais says:

    ola olivian,boa tarde
    Não estou conseguindo fazer o redirecionamento para a mesma pagina do relatório após o usuario pressiona o botão de submit,ja usei todas as opções e ainda não consegui fazer com que o cliente volte a pagina do formulario apos enviar o formulario anterior

    obrigado marcelo morais

    • Hello Marcelo!

      Have you followed the steps described in our documentation? Here is the article:

      It’s important that once you have selected the report from the dropdown, you’ll need to save changes on top. Press the Save button on top in order to enable this redirect option for your form visitors. Has this helped?

      If you want to redirect users to the same form, add the form’s URL in the input box for the option Redirect to a web page. This way, form users will be redirected to the form to fill it again once they hit the submit button. The URL of the form is located in Publish FormForm Link, first option.

      If you require more assistance, please contact our Support Team at or via our contact form. Our Support Team is also available on Live Chat from Monday to Friday. Just look for the yellow widget on the bottom right side of your 123FormBuilder account.


  3. libat says:


    can I use Autorespond with Premium account?


  4. cagdas says:

    I checked “Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions at a later time.”. After submission there is a web-link showed for editing submision at a later time. But I want to add editing link of the form to notification email. How can I add that link into notification emails?

    • Hello!

      If I’ve understood correctly, you want to add the edit delivered submission link in the notification email. This can be easily achieved by accessing the notification email template (NotificationsEmail Header and ContentCustomize) and using the dropdown where your form fields are listed. There, you will find the field Edit Submission Link. Select the field and click on the Add button. This will include the link in the message. You can also add this link in your autoresponder (if enabled) in the same way, but within the template of the autoresponders, located in NotificationsForm User Options.

      If you have more questions or need assistance, our Support Team is at your disposal at or via our contact form.


  5. Bénédicte says:


    I want to do an adwords campaign and so I need to put a tag on the confirmation page of the form from my supplier to get information on the performance of my campaigns. It is not a GA tag.

    can you please tell me how I can do that ?


    • Hello Bénédicte!

      What you need to do is add the tag on a server and pass its URL in the option we have included for custom JavaScript Thank You pages. Follow our documentation here. Go to the SettingsAdvanced section of your form, enable the option Add a JS script to the Thank You page of your form and paste the URL of your tag in the box below.

      For more assistance or questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at


  6. josh says:

    How do I create multiple auto rsponders for the form?

    • Hello Josh!

      You cannot send more than one autoresponder upon submission, but you can choose which autoresponder to be sent based on the input or choices submitted by the form user.

      In the Settings → Rules section of your online form you’ll see the Confirmation Rules tab. Here you can enable certain autoresponders to be triggered based on the criteria submitted by your form users. Tick the Send a confirmation message to the sender (autoresponder) option and add the rules you want. This will determine when will the system send one autoresponder or another to the recipient.

      I hope this helped. For more questions or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at


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