Can I publish my online forms on Typepad CMS?

Yes, you can use the 123FormBuilder publish ></p>
<p>2. In your Typepad account, select the blog where you want to publish the online form and access the <b>Design</b> tab, on top of the dashboard.</p>
<p style=publish ></p>
<p>3. Go to <b>Content</b> → <b>Categories</b> → <b>Widgets</b> and add the module <b>Embed your own HTML</b> to your content’s design.  </p>
<p style=publish ></p>
<p>4. In the the <b>Custom HTML</b>, paste the JavaScript code of your 123FormBuilder online form, change the label name (if you want) and hit <b>Ok</b>. </p>
<p style=publish ></p>
<p>Click on <b>Save changes</b> within the content of your blog’s design and the online form will be immediately displayed in the sidebar of your Typepad blog. Hit <b>View Blog</b> to see how your online form is displayed for others, as in the image below. Blog visitors can submit the form directly from the sidebar, while every applied edit to the form in 123FormBuilder will instantly take effect in Typepad (but only if the JavaScript publishing code was used). </p>
<p style=publish ></p>
		.signup_button {
			width: 217px;
			text-align: center;
			margin:30px auto;
			padding: 13px 10px;
			cursor: pointer;
			font-size: 16px;
			border-radius: 3pt;
			background-color: #0099CC;
		    border: 1px solid #0099CC;
		    transition: border .15s linear, color .15s linear, background-color .15s linear !important;
		.signup_button a{
			color: #FFFFFF;
			background-color: #1BA8CE;
    		border: 1px solid #1BA8CE;
		.signup_button a:hover{
    		text-decoration: none;
	</style><div class='signup_button_div'>
			<div class= SIGN UP FOR FREE

Olivian Stoica
Olivian Stoica
Oli's enthusiasm for helping our fellow users led him to write thorough know-how articles and tutorials that would make form building a bliss on 123FormBuilder.

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