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Can I display the payment summary in real-time?

real-time payment summary forms

Yes, you can display the payment summary of your online order form in real-time. This means your form users will no longer need to press the Calculate button in order to view the amount they have to pay and the taxes or discounts applied by you.

Go the SettingsPayments section of your form and scroll down to Summary and DiscountsSettings. Tick the option Show real-time payment summary on form and you are set. The payment summary will be automatically displayed on top of the form. By default, it will be folded and can be expanded on click.

To remove the Calculate button from your form, select the option Show payment summary after form is submitted.


  1. trying to intergate payment options into out site using form. how can student register and submit payment?

    1. Hello Theresa,

      First you will need to assign values to the choice fields that display cost. This can be set up from the Settings -> Payments -> Calculations section. The values you assign will be the ones that are sent over to the payment processor.

      You will also need to enable payment on the form in question, and, add and enable the payment gateway of your choice. These options can be enabled from the Settings -> Payments -> Payment Processors section.

      For any assistance you might need to set you your payments please contact our Support team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


  2. I am trying to integrate payment options into our web site. We have group tours where individuals pay for the tour in installments. For example little Jonny is going to New York and the tour is $1000. Jonny’s mom and dad want to make 4 payments of $250. Is there a way that someone can register, make a payment, then at a later time log back in and make a payment for Jonny?

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