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Assign Values or Formulas to Fields

Assign Prices

Use the Add Values or Formulas dropdown to assign values for your items or manually add formulas to a Number field of your order form. You can use formulas to any kind of web form, without needing to enable payments.

You can thus associate items with different prices or specify a fixed amount that will be charged after form submission.

To associate a certain product that you sell with a price, choose the form field that refers to the product in the dropdown list, click on Add Values or Formulas, select Value in the dropdown and type in its price.

Advanced Payment Calculations

In the same subsection, you can create different calculation formulas for a Number field which will serve as the output. To create a formula, repeat the steps above and instead of selecting Value from the Add values or Formulas dropdown, select Formulas. Use the dropdown list above the calculator to add numeric fields to your formula and the calculator to establish the operations between them. You don’t need to enable payments on your form in order to use calculations that could serve another purpose on your online form.


  • Number fields and choice fields (with assigned values) are the only compatible fields that can be used in formulas.

For simple calculations, such as Item X Quantity or Item 1 + Items 2, you can use the Payment Summary table located under Summary and Discounts. The amount calculated in this table will be the one form users will need to pay after submission.

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