Approval of submission

Sometimes, form submissions need to be approved by somebody in your staff before being considered complete. You can enable the submission approval option from the SettingsAdvanced section. Click on Request approval of submission and provide the email address(es) to which the message will be sent for approval. You need a Gold plan or higher to use this option.

approval of submission

If you want to build an opt-in mailing list to register new subscribers, you might want your subscribers to approve their own submissions, as a measure to ensure they were the ones using your form. To enable this feature, click on Send request to the person who made the submission and select the Email field from the dropdown. Upon submission, the approval request will be sent to the email address filled by your form users.

The option Approve automatically when the user clicks on the link sent via email will automatically approve the submission once the users click the link that they receive by email without having to preview the content of the submission.

approval of submission

What happens when somebody fills out the form?

  • The user sees the following message on the Thank You page of the form: “Your submission has been sent for approval.”
  • The person who is supposed to approve or reject the submission receives an email containing a link where he/she can review the submission, make any necessary changes and finally approve or reject it.
  • The person who made the submission receives an email informing him/her that the submission has been approved or rejected.
  • If the submission has been approved, all of the regular notifications that are enabled are triggered (the submission sent to the form owner, the copy sent to the sender, and the autoresponder).
  • If payments are enabled on the form, the person who made the submission is informed that he/she needs to make the payment in order to complete the process.
  • All of the messages displayed on the form and in emails concerning the approval process can be changed in the SettingsTranslations section.

Important: To deliver the link by email, you need to enable the option Submission Copy and select the field containing the users’ email in the dropdownn list (To). You’ll find the option in Form SettingsNotificationsForm User OptionsSubmission Copy.

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    I want to do an online course whereby people register and pay online.
    After registration I want to redirect subscriber to a particular page in wix.
    How can i do that with your app

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