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Summary and Discounts

Use the Summary and Discounts section to add items to the payment summary of your order form, multiple your items with a Quantity, add discounts and also markups. The total that will be displayed in the Payment Summary table represents the amount that form users will have to pay you after submission.

payment summary and discounts

  • Show payment summary after form is submitted. Form users will be redirected to a separate page where the payment summary is displayed with the available payment options.
  • Show payment summary below form along with the Calculate button. Use this option if you want to add a Calculate button to your form visitors to use. Once they hit Calculate, the payment summary will appear below.

    Note: The Calculate button will appear only when at least one merchant is enabled for the form in the Payments section.

  • Show real-time payment summary on form. Form users can view the amount they have to pay while completing the form.

Upon customizing the Payment Summary table, you can change the label names of your items (as shown in the summary), show the quantity value for each selected item and the detailed formula (if used).

Formulas are the ones you manually set up under the Assign Values or Formulas to Fields subsection, by using Number fields on your order form with numericplus validation.


  1. Hello,

    At the moment we have one product at $29. You can enter a number in quantity with this product. We will be doing a another product for $39 for a short time. How do I do this?

    Thank you.


    1. Hello, Kylie! If you are referring on how to add a new product and assign its price, go to the Settings → Payments section of your form. Under Assign Prices, press the Add button to add a new item/product. Type in the necessary price (in your case – 39) and go to Advanced Price Calculations if you want to multiple the price with a quantity.

      Contact our Support Team for further assistance at http://www.123formbuilder.com/contactus.html

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